About Us

OMEGA Business Solutions (OMEGA Web Designs LLC) is a Jordanian Based company established in 2015 and located in Amman. Omega is founded on a culture of intuitive creativity, sound strategic thinking, technical assistance & having a vested interest in our client. OMEGA offer startups and established companies all the services they need to succeed. It is all about business a home with high quality, web-based and IT enabled solutions and services at affordable and reasonable costs. It is also a one of a kind business center that offers highly professional service provider.

OMEGA has expertise and skill sets that include professional web site design and development especially Ecommerce website design, Mobile applications design and development. Other websites we specialize in are Portals, Corporate, Online Store, Real Estate website, Mortgage website, Travel & Tourism website, Online Reservation, E-books etc.

Our goal is to make your business succeed in today’s economy. Brain storming sessions and delicate planning using Creative ideas, Strategic ideas, Ideas that stimulate, Technical ideas that serve our clients’ precise needs. In today’s business world, businesses need to be on top of their game investing in e-business solutions and web based applications for promoting and selling products, providing customer service, and interacting with various business partners on the Web. Businesses should have a full range of custom interactive web application and development services. We will help you succeed and ensure to provide all services that will allow business owners to concentrate on their core business.

OMEGA provides services of development of web-based, database applications to improve business procedures using the latest technologies. Due to our competitive cost for all services, we have enabled many companies in Jordan in their establishment phases and even assisted established companies in improving their processes to gain the competitive edge. Our low cost services allow companies to increase profit and efficiency through building a stronger vendor/customer relationship, and gives business owners the time to explore new opportunities.

Our Mission
At OMEGA our mission is to assist clients whether startups or established businesses with high quality services and products according to global industry standards. Our superior quality services are augmented through communication, innovation and trust with our clients. We also aim to make our Business Center one of a kind in Jordan by ensuring clients with all their needs whether it is space, digital marketing, website, mobile app, printing services, accounting& taxation services, etc. at the lowest reasonable cost.

Our Vision
To be nationally and regionally respected Business Center and Business Solutions provider by deliver the most innovative globally recognized solutions to customers using the up to date methods, tools and processes.

Quality Assurance
Due to the vast services that OMEGA offers, a quality assurance department was established that constantly monitor the services and products that OMEGA delivers to its clients to ensure that they are within globally recognized standards. The quality assurance department is tasked also with improving the services and products offered to our clients. Quality Assurance is applied throughout our services and products as well as within the business centers and its office rental spaces.


Our Team
OMEGA team has a broad range of experiences that achieve performance excellence and comprises of professional that competent, focused, and responsive. We ensure to go the extra mile to guarantee that our clients are happy and satisfied. It is normal practice at OMEGA to deliver prior to the deadline and have surprised our clients many times in the past.

The Application Development Team

At OMEGA we have a team consisting of both national and international talent and experienced with the latest technologies. The team develops applications in a swift timely manner while keeping cost to minima yet delivering applications that are user-friendly and highest quality.

The E-Commerce Team

OMEGA has experience in providing customized, powerful and easy to operate e-commerce solutions. The team has a deep understanding of E-commerce requirements. Be it an Individual or a business, we can customize a solution of any size. Whether you need a complete inventory management system or need a store front with wholesale and retail features, we can provide you the precise solutions as we said before we can support your business from A – Z so the only thing you need to considerate on is your operations.

Taxation & Accounting Service Team

Part of business solutions, OMEGA provides bookkeeping and taxation services for all its clients using IFRS in accordance to Jordanian rules and regulations, as a new business you don’t have to hire an accountant and cost your business thousands of JOD’s a year; our professional team will do the job for you with less cost. We are offering bookkeeping, inventory, financial analysis and taxation consultancies and submittal to the governmental sectors.

Digital Marketing Team

These days no business can succeed without marketing plan; in accordance to the innovation of technology we established our digital marketing division which can help any business in preparing its marketing plan and implement its plan on the ground. Our team members are experts in all graphic design programs and social media management as well.

Consultancy Team

OMEGA has several memorandums of understanding with decent consultancy agencies and qualified individuals who are able to develop feasibility studies, managerial consultancies, legal advice, etc… to ensure perfection and sustainability of clients’ businesses before startups.


Following are some of the reasons that differentiate us from our competitors and make us better option for our customers:

Customer Centric Approach
Our business strategy at OMEGA is firmly customer centric and so are our services and processes. Our focus is to provide startup and established businesses their requirement and business needs. Not only do we offer space that other business centers offer, but we also offer you the services your business needs from website, apps, digital marketing, manpower support, printing, taxation and accounting, etc. All your needs in one place with high quality and low cost—This is what sets us apart.

Economic and Effective Solutions
We have designed our packages and solutions to meet the economic constraints of such startup and small businesses while ensuring that the quality and effectiveness of our services is not compromised at any level.

Personalized Treatment
Every client at OMEGA has a dedicated representative that will be available round the clock to ensure all services ordered are delivered to the client in a timely manner. At OMEGA we want to ensure that businesses don’t feel like tenants, OMEGA is the home of their business.

After sales (Support& Training)
For our technology-based products, we believe that the key to successful and long-term business relations is the after sales service such as support and training. We recognize that some of our clients are not technical and need basic to advance training to feel comfortable with their Technology based product whether it is a website, mobile app or others. Our team is always available for support and training.


Our Services

  • Office Space for New Businesses with various space size depending on needs of the client.
  • Hosting Services, registration of Domains and hosting it with several packages of capacity (We Tailor to your web needs).
  • Web Design & Development, we are experts in web design and developments (business & personal websites).
  • Mobile Apps Development (developing IOS & android mobile apps).
  • Digital Marketing, Market your products via Social media, emails & SMS.
  • Printing Services print and design your company materials from A to Z using the latest printing technologies (including marketing materials & gift items).
  • Taxation & Accounting Services, Taxation and Accounting software’s and consultations in addition to bookkeeping services.


Our Partners

We have various partners from different countries such as India, Pakistan, Russia, and other countries that we work collaboratively with in order to bring to our clients the lowest cost for services and products.